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Mary Schmidt Mary Schmidt Dance Discovery President 2015 - Bio needed here, but eschew Lorem Ipsum block)

Missy Portrait Missy Reisenleiter is our Artistic Director and a founding member of Dance Discovery. From the group's beginning in August 2002, Missy has been performing regularly. She served as the group's Treasurer for two years, and served as President and Artistic Director for eight years. Missy has danced and performed for many years, including historic dancing in Civil War groups to current memberships in the St. Louis English Country Dancers, Childgrove English Country Dancers and Blackthorn Morris. She has taught English Country dancing to church groups and school groups. Her desire is for Dance Discovery, the “Premier Historic Performance Troupe”, to use its skill and talent to keep these historic dance forms alive for many years to come!

Marty Aubuchon Portrait Marty Aubuchon is currently serving as Treasurer. Marty started ballroom dancing while in college. He became interested in English Country Dance and that evolved into his membership in Dance Discovery. Marty also enjoys history and is a member of several reenacting groups. He participates in living history events and this includes historic or period dancing. In addition to historic music and dancing he enjoys World Music and has a Special Interest in American Indian Culture, music, dancing and playing the Indian flute

Tim Portrait Tim Hirzel is currently serving as Vice President of the Dance Discovery Board. Tim started dancing after taking a course in historic dancing given by Dr John Ramsay that his wife Elsa talked him into attending in St Louis around 2006. Tim quickly became an accomplished dancer and joined Dance Discovery in 2007. He also plays the flute with several English bands.

Rebecca Taylor Rebecca Taylor is currently Member at Large. Phasellus eu erat id neque dapibus adipiscing.

Mark Rice Mark Rice is currently serving as a Secretary of the Dance Discovery Board. Mark was introduced to country dancing at an early age by his parents, who were both Berea College Country Dancers. His early training was complemented by Dancing Masters at the Berea College Christmas Country Dance School (including family friend John Ramsay). In addition to dancing, Mark plays banjo (clawhammer style). His repertoire favors traditional dance and fiddle tunes.
Mark especially enjoys teaching the thrills and skills of country dancing to beginners. Dance events he has organized and led include school proms, weddings, youth events, and church functions. In St. Louis, Mark has committed his energies to the success of Dance Discovery, a historic dance performance troupe (and brainchild of John Ramsay). Mark also calls at the local English Country Dance functions.

Dr. John Ramsay Dr. John M. Ramsay is our Artistic Director Emeritus. He began dancing as a member of the Berea College Country Dancers in 1947. He returned to the College in 1973 as Director of Recreation Extension and took his troupe of college students on eight international tours. He directed the internationally respected Berea College Christmas Country Dance School for more than two decades, has led workshops for the Sonnek Society, Orff teachers, 4-H groups, Headstart teachers and many, many more. His PhD is in Animal Breeding and he has called himself a "dancing dairyman." Since retiring, he and his wife moved to St. Louis and have been popular dance leaders among home school groups.