Childgrove English Country Dancers - English Country dance group located in Webster Groves, Missouri, with live music from Dance Discovery's affiliate band, the Tu'penny Players. Workshop on first Fridays, dance or ball on third Fridays.

St. Louis English Country Dancers - English Country Dancing in St. Louis with live music by The Original Speckled Band. Dances on second Fridays and fourth Mondays, occasional balls.

Country Dance and Song Society - Site for the national organization supporting traditional Anglo-American dance, including English Country, Contra, Morris, Rapper etc.

Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, MO - The Lewis and Clark site of St. Charles, MO.

Lewis and Clark at Hartford, IL - The local Louis and Clark historical site based in Hartford, IL. Louis and Clark started their trip from nearby.

Missouri Historical Society - The main site for the Missouri History Museum.

Dance References in Lewis and Clarks' Journals - as assembled by Pierre Cruzatte, reenactor.

Colonial Music Institute - Site dedicated to Colonial Music and Dance. Check out the link under Resources for a colonial music database index.