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Tu' Penny Players are classically trained musicians who find themselves drawn to the folk and popular dance music of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Just as composers from Bach to Beethoven and Bartok were inspired by this music and often included it in their symphonies, the Tu' Penny Players enjoy playing music that provided a creative engine for much of classical music. The music is lively and energetic--sometimes lyrical and sometimes raucous. People say the dance music "Lifts them off their feet".

The Tu' Penny Players consists of Martha Edwards on fiddle, Kristin Graham on keyboard and Guest Artists. Paul Wexler, shown here with the Clarinet (he also plays recorder and the penny whistle) was a member for many years, but has since, alas, moved away. Dana Hotle, another wonderful clarinet player, joins Martha and Kristin from time to time.

The band and our Artistic Director researched the dances and music used at the parties and balls thrown by a St. Louis population eager to meet and entertain Captains Lewis and Clark while they were in St. Louis, and recorded a CD of music used in the period.